videocon online mobile recharge Faq

What is clickrecharge? Why should I use it?

clickrecharge is India's quickest, most convenient, and safest mobile wallet for Shopping, Mobile recharge, DTH recharge, Money transfers and Bill payments. 25 million users across the country already bestow their trust on us. Use clickrecharge for a cashless, hassle-free experience while shopping, dining, travelling and a lot more!

Wallet? How does it work?

clickrecharge wallet is secure online wallet where you can keep your money and use it for Recharges, Bill Payments and to shop. clickrecharge wallet balance is the amount in Indian rupees that can added via different payment options.

How can I make a clickrecharge account?

You just have to click on CREATE WALLET displayed at the top of home page. Next, add your email Id and create a password. You also need to add your mobile number which will be the primary number for your clickrecharge account. You will receive all the information regarding transaction on this unique number.

How to add money to the wallet?

It's simple! You just need to Login to the clickrecharge account and click on 'Add Money'. You will be redirected to the 'Payment Options' page. clickrecharge allows users to add money by credit card, debit card, net banking and even 'Add cash' (available through clickrecharge app only).

Is there any registration fee?

It's absolutely free! You don't need to spend your hard earned money to become a clickrecharge user. Also, there are no extra charges for online recharges or bill payments.

Is my account information safe?

Don't worry! All information transmitted between you and clickrecharge is done through SSL, a secure and safety protocol available on the web. clickrecharge will never release any of your bank details to anyone and we only use your email address for all your records.

How quickly does the top up get to the phone?

It's just a matter of few seconds! That's why it is the "Kwikest" way to mobile freedom.

Recharge unsuccessful! Where is my money?

Here are some possible reasons:

  1. You have just added money to the wallet and have not processed a recharge transaction.
  2. There was a delay from the operator's end
  3. Probably, it could be a denomination issue
  4. Connectivity issue due to which the recharge was stalled
  5. Payment to wallet is not successful and there is no money in wallet No problem! We are here for you. The money will be refunded to your wallet if the recharge is unsuccessful.

My wallet has money! Now, how can I make recharge or pay bill?

You are just a step away! You can use your wallet balance to Recharge, Pay bills by visiting the 'Recharge' section on the homepage. You can also visit our 'Offers' section to make transactions on our Merchant partners.

My friend needs a recharge! Can I use my wallet for other prepaid mobile numbers?

Yes, you can recharge mobile numbers of your loved ones using clickrecharge wallet.

How can I do a recharge without an internet access?

clickrecharge takes care of all your needs. You can send SMS or call to recharge your mobile.

I do not have access to computer all the time! Is there an alternative?

Of course yes! You can download clickrecharge App in your mobile phone and use it for all your transactions.

How long will it take for the bill payment confirmation?

Generally, it takes 2 - 3 business days for bill payments to get updated at the biller's end.

While doing a recharge on clickrecharge got an error. Why?

You can face errors if:

  1. Entered a wrong mobile connection type or entered wrong operator/circle or Wrongly entered your bill details.
  2. Trying to recharge with an invalid denomination.
  3. The service is not available on clickrecharge.
In such a scenario, we suggest you to double check the details you have entered.

I have not received the desired plan!

We highly recommend you to cross check the plans available on service provider website before attempting any recharge transaction on Mobikwik

I mistakenly recharged on wrong number! Can I get my money back?

That's sad! Recharge once succesful can not be reversed to clickrecharge wallet. We request you to get in touch with your mobile operator for help.

I got a successful message from you. But I still have not received

Just wait for couple of hours and call the operator if issue is not resolved. Please provide the Operator ID provided to you via SMS/Email.

I am waiting! How much time will you take to solve my query?

YYou are our first priority! We try to resolve your query at the earliest however sometimes it may

I have a feedback for you! How can I reach you?

We would love that! You can share your feedback at clickrecharge

There's an essential feature I want to recommend

Your suggestions are extremely valuable, please share your recommendations by writing us on Help

I want to do bulk recharges! Do you provide any discounts for it?

We do not provide any discounts on bulk recharges for now. If you are interested in a business proposition, mail us at ' '.

I did not receive the cashback

Cash back will be credited to your clickrecharge wallet within 24 hours of making a successful transaction.

My money has been debited from bank account! Where has it gone?

Don't worry. Please wait for another 30 minutes.
If your wallet balance is not updated after 30 min, please go ahead and file a ticket.

What is credit to wallet?

It simply means adding money to the wallet. Whenever you add money the term is known as "credit to wallet" and you will receive a confirmation message for successful payment transaction.

Is it necessary to add money to the wallet?

Yes, since Mobikwik is a prepaid wallet, you can make transactions once there is money in your wallet.

How can I check my wallet balance?

Just to the left of your clickrecharge account, wallet balance is shown.

Is it secure to make a payment on

It's absolutely secure! CC Avenue and Zaakpay are the payment gateway partners. All the transactions are executed safely and no personal information regarding your payment is ever accessible to any employee or third party.

I do not have a debit or credit card! How can I make a payment?

You can make payment through Net Banking by just activating net banking services with your issuing bank. Alternatively, you may also use our 'Cash pickup' and 'Deposit at bank services' (through app only).

I can't see my bank in the net banking list. How can I add money to the wallet?

In case, you are not able to find your bank in the net banking list. Please browse the other payment options available:

  • Credit cards (MasterCard or Visa cards)
  • Debit cards (MasterCard or Visa cards)
  • ATM-cum-Debit cards (Maestro cards)
Currently your bank is not listed with us, however we keep on adding more banks to give more options to user. Apologies for inconvenience.

I want wallet balance to my bank! How much time it will take?

Just file a ticket! We process your refund within 24-48 Hrs as soon as we receive confirmation from you. As per standard bank procedure, it may take 3 - 15 working days for the refund to reflect in your bank account / card statement. Alternatively, you may check for our "Wallet to Bank" feature available through app only.

Some error prompted while I was a making a payment to the wallet

Due to technical issues, sometimes you may get an error. Please try after sometime.

I was redirected to a page! What is a payment gateway?

It's completely safe. Payment gateway is an online payment service for e-commerce portals to provide you the internet payment options.

Is there forfeiture of my wallet balance?

Your money is safe with us! However, if you do not use your wallet balance for six months, it will be forfeited.

I want to create a new password! How can I do that?

After you log in, hover over your cursor on the clickrecharge wallet balance and go to 'Account Settings'. Select Password and enter the new one and its done.

Forgot my password! What next?

  • "Its simple
  • Click on 'Login' and then on 'Forgot Password'.
  • Enter your registered email ID and click on 'Send Email'.
  • Please change your password through the recovery link sent to the registred email address."

I want to change the registered email id! Is it possible?

Sorry! A user ID can not be changed. Please file a ticket or call our Contact centre for help on this

How can I change my primary number? What is OTP?

  1. After you log in, hover over your cursor on the clickrecharge wallet balance and go to 'MyWallet'.
  2. You can change it by visiting 'Connections' section.
  3. OTP is a secure code to ensure that there are no fraudulent transactions. Next, confirm the OTP and make the required changes. If you still face difficulty in changing your primary mobile number then please share the details of the old & new number as well as the Browser you are using to access To Change the Primary Number, please click the

I wrongly saved my primary mobile number as prepaid. How can I change it?

You just need to follow some steps:

  1. Save any other mobile number as " primary number"
  2. Now, make changes to your previous primary number which was earlier saved with wrong connection type.
  3. The final step, after making changes just save it again as your " Primary number"

Closing Your Account

If you want to close your clickrecharge account, just file a ticket here. We will check the clickrecharge balance and refund the amount due back to your account


Contact us @

Wallet Balance Did Not Update

Please provide us with the following details to resolve the matter for you:

  1. Transaction ID for all the Balance Update Transactions.
  2. Transaction Amount.
  3. Your Registered Email Address.
  4. Phone Number.

Primary Number

Primary number is the registered Mobile number required to create clickrecharge wallet.